1. A 9-month to 12-month graduated, faith-based recovery program.

Residents are admitted in groups of 8-10 during the admission period. This enables each person to proceed through the program as a community. The 9-month to 12-month program is divided into three graduated phases. As a person graduates in the program they earn increased privileges and responsibilities. All residents are required to attend faith-based events but are not required to make a profession of faith or actively participate.

2. Sober-living home and community.

ONE80 is primarily a home for recovering addicts. The facility has been carefully designed to promote a warm, family-like atmosphere. Family devotional gatherings and dinners at the table together are important times in the daily routine. The facility contains space for a person to spend some time alone but generally the program encourages inter-dependence within the community.

3. Mental health counseling and treatment.

Each resident will participate in weekly individual or family counseling with an on-campus counselor. Counselors will assist the resident in addressing emotional and spiritual needs as well as setting individual goals (i.e., sobriety, employment, education, future planning). Residents and counselors will be responsible for achieving those goals throughout the course of the program. Counselors will also be responsible for monitoring and documenting the resident’s progress and making recommendations regarding the resident’s treatment status.

4. Vocational training and job placement.

ONE80 partners with local community organizations to offer residents employment and education opportunities based on the individual, long-term goals of each resident. These include employment with approved organizations who provide personal and financial accountability during work hours, education opportunities with local college satellite campuses or online education, and individual apprenticeship opportunities with local volunteers.

5. Personal life coach and accountability.

Residents will meet weekly with a life coach who will serve as their recovery parent. This trusted relationship will enable a resident to put into practice the skills necessary for building and maintaining healthy relationships. We will carefully match each resident with the best life coach for them. Volunteers for the life coach program should apply.

6. Financial management training and recovery planning.

Financial management is a critical part of healthy living and relapse prevention. All residents are required to complete financial literacy training. Residents will receive training in budgeting, debt elimination, and investment strategy. Residents will graduate with a financial plan that will assist in their new life.

7. Relationship support and family recovery.

Addiction breaks down relationships. ONE80 desires that family relationships should be restored when possible. Every graduate should have learned the basics of building and maintaining healthy relationships.